Youth, the future of the Valais.

The youth pillar represents the basis for learning about cycling and it is important that Valais inhabitants have positive experiences from an early age. They form the base of the pyramid of cycling enthusiasts. For this to happen, they must be given the right support. With this in mind, the Valais Cycling Federation is continuing its efforts and focusing on its priorities on two flagship projects for the Valais, in close collaboration with Swiss Cycling and Valais 2025.

Implementation of the Swiss Cycling Academy 4 Kids

The first project consists of implementing the Swiss Cycling Academy 4 Kids at cantonal level. Based on the ski school model, the aim is to strengthen the structure of the training clubs by introducing a standardised system of levels and the awarding of a Velopass that will determine the progress of the young people trained in the clubs.

VELOVE project

In parallel, the continuity of the VELOVE project, which has been in place for several years, aims to share the passion for two-wheeled vehicles in complete safety. To this end, Jeunesse & Sport instructors continue to give courses in the canton's schools. However, it is necessary to increase the number of annual courses in order to reach a maximum number of young people. This project will also be adapted to meet the criteria of the national bikecontrol programme.

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