Young riders

Up-and-coming young cyclists are the focus of Valais 2025’s strategy. Consequently, several projects have been launched this year, alongside the organisation of the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. By identifying and supporting talented young Valais cyclists, their aim is to contribute to creating a lasting legacy for cycling and mountain biking in Valais.

A performance Center for the next generation in Valais: TSP Valais/Wallis.

In collaboration with Swiss Cycling, Talent Romandie and the Cantonal Office of Sport, a performance center – TSP (training support center) Valais/Wallis – was endorsed by Swiss Cycling in January 2023. Its main objective is to enable the management and coordination of the next generation for the sport in Valais.

Creating a cycling academy: the Valais 2025 Cycling Academy.

The Valais 2025 Cycling Academy was launched as part of the development activities with the aim of supporting talented young athletes. Fifty young Valais cyclists and mountain bikers were selected to join this organisation, which offers support and mentoring. It is based on the same model as other TSPs in Switzerland. Regional talent scouting days are now organised in Valais to identify young people with potential. The aim is to incorporate competitive young riders aged 13 to 18 (endurance disciplines) or 11 to 18 (BMX and trial) into the organisation set up by the Valais Cycling Federation.